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Welcome to CircleAnywhere!

Circling, Fundamentals Sessions, Focus Sessions, and Flow Sessions are practices that involve looking at and being intimate with the structures of one’s personal reality, which includes how we make sense of experience, individually and collectively. We find these practices to consistently deliver deeply meaningful experiences, and believe a few clarifications can make this accessible to you. Because Circling is unique, carrying over assumptions from other practices can lead to misunderstandings about who we are, what we do, and how you are invited to engage. It is our intention to make it clear what Circling is and isn't.

Read over the following statements to determine whether or not Circling will be a good fit for you.



  • We see you as a free agent capable of honest self-assessment and responsible choice
  • This is an invitation to take responsibility for:
    • yourself and your experience
    • choices you’re making about what you’re accepting as true and significant
    • how you’re participating in and helping to sustain your situation
    • the beliefs and choices you’re bringing to the situation (wittingly or unwittingly) that are informing your experience.
  • We refer generally to the willingness to take responsibility in these terms as “owning your experience.”

Not Psychotherapy

Circling as we practice it leads to transformational growth, but we do this through surrender, self-leadership, and interconnection rather than aiming for healing outcomes directly (like many modalities do). While honoring a wide variety of wisdom and psychological discernments from many schools of thought, we do not follow a therapeutic model of diagnosis and treatment. Our method is educational. Our emphasis is connection.

CircleAnywhere’s facilitators and coaches are guides in a journey of presence, connection, and aliveness. We do not prescribe choices or actions. We are not psychotherapists (although we love psychotherapy and highly recommend it); we do not see you as being in a therapeutic relationship with our facilitators. We work in the present moment, assuming wholeness that can include greater wholeness, exploring connection, staying mindful to notice the cost of reality choices and labels that too easily lead to misunderstanding or pathologizing. We bring a fresh set of eyes to what is happening, with the aim of understanding how updating our beliefs about what is happening can update our reality.

Circling and our related practices:

  • Are practices of connection and meditation
  • Aim is to reveal more presence
  • Are open and intimate forums where we encourage our participants to speak and explore evolutionary ideas such as “getting somewhere” or the intent to grow and develop, but we do not presume that these things are the drivers of experience. Paradoxically this often results in accelerated development by bringing to light previously unseen motivations and agendas.
  • Maintain a non-goal orientation that is encapsulated in the principle of “being with the other in their world.”

The Structure and Expectations of Leadership

You may have specific expectations about what a leader should do, or what a practice group should look like and include. We may not follow these expectations, partially because we may not know what they are (and you may not either!). Some examples are:

  • Telling people what to do
  • Stating the “right way” to act
  • Making sure everyone gets along
  • That the internal experiences of the leaders are not part of the process
  • That the leaders will provide a clear interpretation of what is happening, why it is happening and the way it is happening. (We will always act in ways that serve good practice, which may or may not include providing such clarity).

In lieu of these we invite you to “lead” yourself in any way you feel is right for you—taking a bathroom break whenever you need, for example, asking a question—and to “lead” the group in full acknowledgement that others are practicing the same sort of self-leadership and to consider their responses as feedback to that leadership, in the context of the moment. This invitation to listen to the voice of inner direction follows the principle of “trust your experience.”


Is this Right for You?

Our workshops can be intense. People encounter places, states, emotions, beliefs, and sensations in themselves and others that are sometimes unfamiliar. We explore the unknown, the volatile, the ambiguous, as well as welcome emotions many deem as “negative” or “inappropriate” such as feelings of inadequacy, anger, sexuality, and joy. We refer to the willingness to feel difficult and uncomfortable truths as the “commitment to connection,” which of course includes a willingness to set appropriate boundaries, and speak a desire for space, distance, and non-contact. By attending our events you take responsibility for choosing to leave the practice or participate in any given moment—which might include getting intimate with these kinds of experiences.

We will often explore multiple sides of seeming opposites at once, such as independence and interdependence, chaos and order, agreement and disagreement. We believe this can reveal an underlying unity of the immediacy of experience.

If the above description of our workshops sounds potentially overwhelming or destabilizing for you, if you have mental illness or significant emotional challenges that you feel may be exacerbated by this type of transformational environment, or if you are not sure that you can be self-directed in taking care of your needs during the event, then we advise you not to enroll.

By registering you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

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Level Up ⬆️ Local: Full Program + MAPLE Weekends

Level Up Your Connections, Your Personal Growth, and Your Ability to Thrive in All Situations

What you'll get:

  • Wake Up to a new awareness and fundamental OKness even in the chaos of difficult relationships
  • Show Up more powerfully and gracefully in relationships
  • Clean up your blind spots, shadows, and ancient wounds
  • Grow up to higher capacities of leadership maturity

PLUS you'll get:

  • Three in-person deep dives over four days:
    • Feb 3-6, 2022 (led by  Michael Blas + team)
    • July 7-10, 2022
    • October 20-23, 2022
  • Deepen your communal roots and experience the mystery and vulnerability of in-person deep dives.
  • The option to do a Certification Circle in person

Get the best of the physical and virtual worlds—a personalized program utilizing the power of the internet to fully integrate your awareness training with your day to day experience, plus the added bonus of being in physical space together.


Have you had a context call?

If not, click here and talk with one of our facilitators about this program and how it fits into your life.

Prefer a payment plan?

We can split your payments over 9 months, adding $10 per payment for administration. Click here to register this way. You can also register for just the online component, which is a full, standalone training, here.

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Important Information About the Venue and Accommodation:

This is a residential immersion weekend. Please see this link to learn more about this unique venue and pay for your accommodation. If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

I wonder if you know what you have created here? For me, this is not just about Circling. The path forward is my Path toward growth and self knowledge. It's scary! And exhilarating. I can feel crushed by the enormity of how much there is. I thought I had come a long way, yet my journey stretches far into the distance. I wonder if I could possibly integrate all of it before I die. As I see it, what you have created is the applied side of Integral Theory. Ken Wilber wrote brilliantly the modern map of what is, but I have never felt satisfied with his attempts at Integral Practice. This is the piece that was missing.

Barbara, Ottawa

The material is great, but I'd already guessed at that after binging a bunch of the theory videos on CircleAnywhere and playing with their ideas in my Circling. The people are what make it. I'm struck over and over again by how great they all are. The facilitators are world-class amazing. The peers are fantastic, it feels like we're all growing in the same direction and supporting each other along the way - even in the regular Circles out on the platform. This course has my highest recommendation, and I'm so grateful to be part of it.

Dave, Brisbane

this course is SO F***ING GOOD. It’s filling in all these little gaps in my own training. I love it.

Philip, Cocoyoc

I've been daring to receive support in all the ways I didn't think I ever could, and I've seen it doesn't take away my independence at all. Haha. I've embraced more of the love present in each moment, taken leaps of trust and self-leadership to bring myself more fully in my wider community and dreams. And the biggest takeaway: I've experienced being loved and loving others - every single day. Heya. This is gold! I have no idea of how big the ripple effect of this is. I love the videos, the daily contact with the community, the growth and the presence, the 1-1 and 1-1-1 and coachings, and certifications circles, all of it, it's just making my life fuller in so many ways.

Joy, Oslo

It seems to meet me wherever I am in life, and like the ocean, gives me what I need.

Molly, Austin