Level Up Coaching Training:

The Next Level of Being A Relational Presence Professional Coach. 

Next Cohort: Dates to be announced soon!

This four month practicum trains you to provide guidance from a deep state of flow.

You'll deepen your capacity to apply the essence of Relational Presence into 1-1 sessions, finding new strength in your leadership and capacity for discernment, as well as more compassion and letting go into the unknown.

This will be especially meaningful for those of you who are already in healing professions, life-coaching, entrepreneurs who are looking to start a coaching business, as well as managers who have direct reports or are otherwise in positions of authority and mentorship.

This is an intensive training, requiring at least 5 hours a week of live group or pair practice, as well as individual study time.

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On this journey you will learn:

How do we synthesize the meditative, 'non-goal orientation' of Circling with the 'more, better, increase your thriving' mentality of 1-1 coaching?

How do we bring our gifts to bear in helping others—without entering into codependency or old-paradigms of one-or-the-other?

How can we make a positive contribution in the world, coming from a wakeful place of oneness which recognizes there's no difference to be made at the absolute/ultimate level of reality—the place Lao Tzu speaks from when he says “Do you want to improve the world? I don't think it can be done. The world is sacred. It can't be improved."

From Experience
More and more of our top Relational Presence leaders are taking up roles as sought-after coaches for individuals and executive clients. We feel this course is a really good place to gain a wealth of practical wisdom and discernment from facing the whole range of human challenges within 1-1 coaching sessions, with Circling as the "Operating System" everything else plugs into and runs on.

In addition to the wisdom from thousands of hours of individual and group coaching sessions—both the successes and failures—and thousands more hours leading Circling, this course draws insights from Integral Theory (including why it's useful in coaching, How to Use & How Not to Use, Special Focus on Green and Teal shadows that show up in many coaching contexts), NARM, and Philosophical Counseling.

4 Supervised Coaching Sessions

During the latter half of the program you'll put your new skills to practice, learning and updating 'on the field', coaching a guest client with the safety and guidance of supervision from Valerie and Renee.

17 Weeks of Live Group Study

Each week we'll meet for three hours to discuss the curriculum, run exercises, and do live demonstrations with meta-commentary. You'll also practice coaching and being coached w/ your peers, for 1 hour each.

100 Pages of Intensive Self-Study Curriculum

Much of the technique and understanding described in this curriculum is an unspoken resource that the best Circlers draw from in their sessions. Now they're coming to light!

Questions? Set up a 1/2 hour call

You can email [email protected] or —

sign up for a context call with one of the Course Leaders to discuss whether or not this course is a good fit for you, your development as a relational presence leader, and your life at large.

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This program is currently available to graduates of any Circling facilitation training regardless of the school or organization with whom you graduated. You can sign also up for a full year of transformation, beginning with the Level Up 200 hour personalized Circling Certification course, here.

If you are not a graduate of the above any Circling training, but you are an experienced Circler, or you work as a therapist, a facilitator or similar work, you are welcome to set up a context call to be cleared to take this course.

Key benefits from this course

  • Synthesize the meditative, 'non-goal orientation' of Circling with the 'more, better, increase your thriving' mentality of 1-1 coaching
  • Make a positive contribution in the world, from a wakeful place of "oneness" which recognizes there's no difference to be made at the absolute/ultimate level of reality
  • Build your business or apply it to the areas of your life where you already act as a mentor, supervisor, boss, or authority figure

You will learn to:

  • Circle someone’s Way of Being
  • Spot someone's Level of Presence
  • Discern Level of Surrender
  • Circle a client's Identity Level Commitments & their Ontological Beliefs
  • Circling at the Level of Awareness, not just personality and uniquely beautiful expression of Being
  • Show up more fully by being willing to ask more challenging questions
  • Share more of your expertise, while being even less attached

As such, this program is as much about you getting more clear on your own ways of being, level of presence, level of surrender, identity level commitments, ontological beliefs, and levels of awareness.

Tools and Skills

  • The Dialectic
  • Clarifying "the Problem"
  • Clarifying Expectations
  • Spotting False Dilemmas
  • Pacing and Attunement
  • Increasing presence
  • Increasing Embodiment
  • The Decisive Question
  • Socratic questioning, reframing, dialectical synthesis
  • Spotting and naming Introjections, self-criticism
  • Using Movies and Media as modern myths
  • Subject-Object shifts
  • Specific incarnations of the Five Principles
  • Developmental Levels: Healthy / unhealthy expressions
  • States: recognition and guidance
  • World as mirror
  • Dual-awareness, titrating, pendulating, and grounding
  • Helping make sense (mapping)
  • Boundaries
  • Integrating other practices
  • Zoom in/ Zoom out

David S

"I have found a capacity to bring myself forward in new ways - that I never knew I was previously preventing. The best expenditure of time that I've experienced."

Stephanie H

"This course is more than learning how to coach—it's extending the practice of Circling to the rest of life. It's introducing a deeper map of life and practicing integrating concepts into reality."

Lisa L

"This feels like the next level of Circling, and an amazing program if you want to coach."

Matthew S

"It made me more real with less of a social mask. Less afraid to make mistakes. More manly. Not as afraid of mess."

Andy R

"An incredible abundance of value..."

Max D

“It felt like a deeper, more directed, conflict-happy, truth-focused perspective on Circling.”

Become A World Class Coach

With your knowledge and practice in Circling, you're already a potent force for positive transformation in the people's lives you touch. This program is to nurture and focus this natural talent to become a world-class Circling Coach.


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