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 L E A R N  T O  F A C I L I T A T E


Personalized, 200 Hour Circling Training

Level up in your awareness, maturity, and relationships in this eight-month developmental accelerator.

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If you're wanting help taking the next step of your personal evolution—and in finding a practical way to contribute to the well-being of the universe, we created Level Up for you.

Get Seen.

🤸 10 Personal Circles

Level up your ability to receive love, your self-confidence, and your self-awareness. You'll get personal support by our professional CircleAnywhere staff, kickstarting your development by being Circled in ten 1-1 sessions led by a variety of powerhouse facilitators.

Get Coached.

🦋  8 Individual 
Coaching Sessions

Level up where you struggle most in your life. Gain deep insight on your unique problems in love, purpose, wealth, health and spirituality. These 1-1 sessions with our certified Circling Coaches reveal deep patterns of conditioning and new possibilities for more thriving.

Get Feedback.

💥 8 Supervised Feedback Circles

Level up your leadership. Make sure you're practicing the deep kind of surrender that leads to flow with a masterful Circler supervising while you lead, giving you feedback and Circling you while you Circle to find ways to level up not just what you do, but how you see.

Get Connected.

💃 🕺 100+ Hours of Live Sessions

Test your mettle and apply everything you learn in the crucible of live Circling groups at least three times a week on CircleAnywhere, once a week practicing Circling and being Circled by a fellow student, and in small group practices.

+ 90 Hours of Group Practice
+ 30 Peer Practice Circles
+ 10 Hours of Small Group Practice

Get Know-How.

📚 30 Hours of Curriculum & Examples

Each week you'll get a new lesson that covers a key topic on how to level up your relating. These lessons are a mix of content, practice, and recorded Circles with commentary, so you'll be able to see how the pros Circle, what's behind why they do what they do, and how you might learn from the way they think rather than the tools they use.

Get Clarity.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  8 Small Group Certification Circles

Level up your discernment and prepare for the challenges of bringing Circling into high-pressure situations by attending Certification Circles once a month for the duration of the training. Participants often report that these are the most transformative sessions, so we've included more of them than ever before.

Level Up in the Areas of Your Life that Matter Most.

Level up is designed to do just that: To level up your life, in the areas that matter the most to you.

Whether it’s your family, your health, your love, your abundance, your life purpose, your spirituality; our goal is to train a mentality of constant transformation and movement into more and more levels of elegance and love and truth. 

And we do this through Circling, because we’ve just found it to be the most powerful practice for this sort of thing.

Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up

We’ll be focusing on

  • awareness, presence: that 'waking up' sense
  • Psychological maturity: growing up
  • The shadow elements of healing past pains and seeing the unseen, which we often call ‘cleaning up’
  • And the whole range of perspectives—1st, 2nd, 3rd, which we call 'showing up'

So we’re focused on relationships, but we do this in a very personal way in the Level Up program.

Because we’ve found that it’s just so, so meaningful to get that kind of personal support. And this also works for online training in a way that showing up for many many hours at a time on the computer does not.

You'll be Circled a lot

So this program is designed to give you very personalized support in being Circled a bunch of times, in having personal coaching sessions which are focused more on the specific problems and possibilities of your life, and the different deep, identity level commitments that have you there, and of course getting personalized feedback sessions on how you lead Circling. 

Personal and Professional Transformation

Now a lot of people are like “Great, this is a 200 hour training program where I’m going to learn how to lead Circling.”

But a lot of you might not care that much about Circling per-se, or even facilitation, you’re here for the personal transformation aspect.

That’s great. Most of our participants are in that vein. Like you, they’re here because they just love what happens. They love the effects. They love that people tell them after training with us, that they find them to be more humble, more available, more alive.

Their relationships are more full, rich, honest, vulnerable and empathetic.

That’s really what we’re going for. 

Leading a Good Circle is Maintaining Focus, Presence, and Empathy in Uncertainty and Under Pressure.

This helps you develop awesome relationships, even when things get rough.

An Hour of Circling A Day...

So the 200 hours, eight months, what does that mean? That means about 1 hour a day of committing to practicing Circling and being Circled.

(Basically, if you’ve never Circled before that means deep deep levels of challenge and, more importantly, support).

Circling is ridiculously powerful at transformation

As I mentioned earlier, we use Circling to do this because we’ve just found it to be so ridiculously powerful and transformative on the personal journey. I mean, this is an amazing journey you’re about to go on if you sign up for this program.

I’m so honored and touched to be able to offer this to you. And to make a positive impact on your life.

Next level maturity includes more surrender, more openness to change, and a wider aperture of awareness

We use Circling specifically because it trains what researcher Bill Torbert calls “Triple Loop Learning.” Or what the developmental psychologist Robert Kegan at Harvard calls “Self-Transforming” mind, where you’re able to watch yourself in the moment, in presence, and self-correct as you’re participating in any given relationship, leadership scenario, or difficult decision. Maybe you find yourself upset or reliving some sort of past trigger, and you can adjust on the fly. 

You’re not just learning new skills, not just learning how to learn new skills, but you’re changing the very being that learns how to learn new skills. 

So there’s this kind of meta-process that’s going on, but is very grounded. It’s very here, now, in the moment. 

Level Up is fully integrated into your life

You’ll find that this just really supports you in being able to integrate the learnings that you’re going to get from this program into a variety of aspects of your life. 

Schedule a Call to Find out More

So find out more—we’ve got tons of information on this page. You can also sign up for a call which will allow you ask any questions but also to determine if it’s a good fit for you. Circling’s not right for some people. This program is really specific in a lot of ways.

So please sign up for a call. One of our facilitators will talk with you. We’ll happily set a context for the next eight or nine months of your transformational journey, whether that’s with us or somewhere else.

Thanks so much, read on, and hope to see you soon.

Jordan Myska Allen

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Level Up training can be completed entirely virtually. This makes it easy for you to leverage the expertise of our diverse crew regardless of your location.

Level Up's personalized, asynchronous design helps you integrate new identities and insights into your daily life.

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+  I N - P E R S O N

In addition to the virtual program, we offer three four-day in-person intensives for those who are able to participate in Austin, TX 🇺🇸 . Our next three are planned for:

Virtual + 3 Intensives $5,994

Need to talk it through first? Set up a 1/2 hr call here. We’ll happily set a context for the next eight or nine months of your transformational journey, whether that’s with us or somewhere else.

Grow Up to Higher Levels of Leadership

Change the way you relate to the world as a whole, rather than simply adding new skills and tools into your box. Level Up focuses on growing up how you relate to everything, training a deeper capacity to work with the unexpected and the unexplainable, always updating so you lead toward a better world.

Wake Up Your Deepest Capacities

What is relational presence, and how does it help us thrive? Learn how to identify the timeless resource that can be used but never used up, and how to simply enjoy life more as a result.

Level Up develops your capacity to step outside of endless loops of thinking and traps of emotional upset so you can face with the raw immediate truths of reality.

Show Up with more power & compassion

How do we show up more powerfully in our leadership to make our experience and the world a better place? How do we get out of the way, and what are we trusting when we do? How do we cultivate more empathy, compassion, and love—for ourselves as well as those that most get on our nerves? Personally and impersonally? How do we set elegant boundaries?

Discover your own answers to these questions with so many personal sessions! In addition to getting Circled and Coached 1-1 by the pros, you'll be getting direct and specific feedback on what you specifically can most work on to show up more with your self, others, and groups as a whole.

Clean Up Your Unique Blindspots

How do we see what we can't see? How do we stop accidentally hurting ourselves and each other with out-of-date understandings and narratives about reality?

Shine a light on your Shadow and level up your truth telling, ownership, understanding of projection.

Turn towards pain, learning when and how to embrace discomfort, and imperfection; how to stay in the now as 'healing' for yourself and others while avoiding the problems with healing mindsets and trying to fix ourselves and others. Get intimate with difficult emotions, the inner critic, our tendencies to spiritual bypass, collective shadows, and a whole lot.

Got more questions? We've got answers.

Meet the faculty, see a sample schedule, and find out more about the incredible journey.

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Tailored to your goals, shadows, and current stage of growth.

Still reading? Great—I've got so much I want to say about this groundbreaking Circling training program. 

I've lead over a dozen 6- to 9- month Circling training programs in the past five years. I've shepherded hundreds of people through Circling trainings and certified over a hundred Circlers, so I've seen a lot of what works (and what doesn't).

This structure integrates all the wisdom (and failures) of these thousands of hours of training to bring to you the most up-to-date and cutting edge transformational leadership program we've created yet. 

What's special about this?
  1. The structure emphasizes tons of personal feedback for your unique Circling journey. 
  2. This means your instruction will continuously update and change with you as you mature through the program, while still maintaining a baseline of principles and skills that make for incredible personal leadership and relating. 
  3. It's designed for the online world of 2021. We're so happy with this structure we plan to continue it even when the world opens up!
  4. With over 200 hours of practice time, it's incredibly comprehensive and meets the time-honored standards of experience from many other "teacher training" type programs.
  5. Finally, we continue to draw upon ancient and modern innovations in 'teaching surrender'—a seeming paradox of empowerment where the curriculum itself is designed to draw out your own better knowing and self-trust, rather than relying on any one instructor or set of principles as an authority.

 I'll say a little more about all of these; and remember don't hesitate to schedule a call to ask questions.


8 Months of Continuous Challenge and Support

Here's what a typical schedule over the thirty weeks looks like:


The horizontal rows show you what that week includes (if you don't take any breaks).

The diagonal cascade shows you how each month you'll be rotating through the structures, getting Circled, Coached, Feedback, and finally seeing the certification process in action, so you have a really good idea of what's expected (as well as get to witness some really awesome circles).


Some Stories as to Why Personalized Feedback is so important

As you can see, you'll be meeting in one-on-one sessions (or a small group) with our professional facilitators every week. As a result, we'll be constantly adjusting our in-the-moment feedback, holding, and instruction to your unique situation. This is important because people often need to embrace opposite poles. Where one person needs to embrace anger, another needs to let it go. Where one needs to listen to the body more, another needs to re-include their mind. Where one needs to practice stepping into a witnessing awareness, another needs to lean into embodiment and allowing themselves to enjoy life. Some more examples:

We had one trainee who ran a law firm. He was a successful entrepreneur, but struggled to speak up for himself and his needs with his wife. His surrender to owning his needs meant he had to face a decades old fear of losing the connection with women based on his mom shooing him when he showed up honestly as a kid. His surrender, and what he practiced in Circling, was to trust that he could show up without losing the relationship.

Another trainee had just the opposite issue. She was extremely good at speaking her mind, but she often did so in an aggressive way that meant others frequently brushed her off, leading her to get louder and more insistent, leading others to get more and more frustrated. Her surrender meant trusting that she could allow others to show up in the relationship. She wouldn't lose herself by allowing others to go first, and by honestly sharing the empathy she was already experiencing. As she embraced this more and more, she found her professional life transform as people (ironically) started to listen to her more often, trust her with more private information, and she found she had more energy to date (since she wasn't always fighting to be seen, afraid that it would never happen).


You'll be getting just the instruction you need whether you're here to Grow up personally, to embrace more of what's possible for humans to become, maturing in your capacity to improve the world; to Clean up old wounds from the past, resolve triggers that get in the way of your deepest intimacy; to Show up as better facilitator, to improve at your job or leadership; to be a better parent, friend, and colleague; or to 'Wake up' out of the exclusive identification with our limited self-senses and individual identities into a much wider, deeper, embrace of being part of something much greater and more meaningful than ourselves! (or all of the above)

This training structure mirrors the structure of Circling itself; a very strong container that's constantly evolving, in connection with the people practicing it.

Designed for Training Online

Instead of porting old in-person training designs in online formats—which tend to emphasize clunky multi-day, 10-12 hour immersions—this program utilizes the gifts of being online.

One student showed up for an online immersion, but was stuck and frozen the whole time. They enjoyed getting to see other people open up, and learn from how others lead Circles, but felt they couldn't get the practice they needed. 

Finally they started training one-on-one, bringing in a guest to Circle and getting feedback from their coach. This in-the-moment Circling leadership feedback in a private setting revealed very deep layers of shame that came from bad experiences moving to a new town in high school. Working through these (using Circling coaching), and applying a totally new way of being to their leadership, this student was suddenly able to show up in large group, public situations with confidence and grace. Which of course meant they could now give presentations and lead meetings at work without days of anxiety leading up to it.

You book most of it on your own schedule. With facilitators around the world, we can accommodate almost any schedule in any timezone.

We give you more hands on time with instructors in energizing increments spread throughout your week. This makes it easier to integrate your insights into your day-to-day living. That way surrender, self-awareness, and fully alive relating aren't something you just do when you're at a Circling event, but are increasingly available as ways of being.

One student had been a spiritual seeker for many years. He would go to weekend retreats and come home full of open-hearted awareness, feeling at one with everyone and everything, but the high would soon fade as the demands of raising his kids and earning money drew him into a contracted self-orientation. He started to feel hopeless, like his destiny was to always open up after weekend retreats, only to close. He fantasized about leaving his family and job and living out the rest of his life in isolation.

Then he started to Circle everyday on CircleAnywhere. Practicing from his own home, at his regular desk in his regular chair, where the stresses of his family and job were nagging at him with each "noticing," he started to be able to blend the two. Instead of ignoring his worries, he brought them up for in-the-moment support on the platform. People started helping him to listen more deeply to what his emotions were telling him, rather than simply witness them from empty awareness. He started to feel a much greater self-compassion, as could understand the deeper why he felt this way, and let go of self-criticism instead. And as a result, he was able to bring more and more witnessing awareness to stresses of his life when he wasn't in a session.

As time went on, his life felt less like the high of a workshop followed by the low of stressful life, and more like a flow of life, full of aliveness, lessons, intimacy, and peace. He was more present to his family, and ended up drastically changing jobs. His fantasy about giving everything up went away as he came to see that he could notice the profound beauty and perfection of being in the mundane. He realized that if he left, he'd be running away (this is not true for everyone of course), and so his spiritual journey actually called for him to be more involved in the life he already lived. 

An All-Star Team of Support

I want to say one more thing about this training before signing off. You've got an all-star team of support for your journey.

Our facilitators are the creme of the crop of certified Circling Facilitators. Most of them have attended, assisted, and led multiple Circling trainings over the past few years, and have undertaken profound journeys of soul-searching on their own, facing dark demons of the past and learning to embrace their wisdom while cutting through their BS. They're committed to Circling, with thousands of hours of practice, but more importantly they're committed to the deeper love and truth that Circling points to. 

I believe that you won't find a fiercer and more loving group of people anywhere on the planet.

Hope to see you online, and with lots of love

Jordan and the CircleAnywhere team

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Need to talk it through first? Set up a 1/2 hr call here. One of our facilitators will talk with you. We’ll happily set a context for the next eight or nine months of your transformational journey, whether that’s with us or somewhere else.