L E A R N   B E T T E R   R E L A T I N G 


August 6th in Austin, TX

Up level your relating and communication skills during this one-day training. 

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Learn in Real Time.

Imagine communicating with more ease, feeling confident that you can express yourself clearly amidst conflict, and having a clear game plan for how to handle even the most difficult people in your life.

Real-World Practice.

This is not a lecture where you'll hear a lot of inspiring information but have no idea how to put it into practice—all the key takeaways will be put into experiential form. 

Real-World Solutions.

This is the stuff we coach CEOs, board members, researchers and scientists of multi-million dollar organizations to use to help resolve conflicts, build trust, and move their goals forward. 

Real-World Humans.

We'll explore how natural, human reactions can lead to greater clarity & closeness. This workshop is about relating human to human. No aspirational fluff that doesn't work in your actual life. 

Learn Next Level Relating.

We know that practices like meditation and "going inside", can lower stress and improve focus. But meditation can be more than a personal practice, it can also be a practice for "going outside," and relating to others more deeply and effectively.

After training hundreds of facilitators, business, and community leaders in over 25 countries over the past 10 years, we've distilled the best basic relating practices that work equally in romance, business, family, and friendship.

We don't teach one-fits-all strategies, we meet you where you're at.

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Catch Communication Breakdowns Before They Happen

  • Develop your awareness of blindspots.
  • Practice empathy to understand what the other person means to say, not just the way it happens to come out

Harness the Power of Self-Awareness While Relating to Others

  • Explore your mind & body reactions to others
  • Understand and own your reactions, and the way you feel without self judgement, shame, and blame

Feel Confident and Safe During Conflict

  • Get out of defensiveness by grounding yourself in your own wisdom
  • Clearly communicate what you want and need
  • Empathize with other peoples' wants and needs while still holding your own boundaries

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