About Ellyn

Ellyn exudes professionalism and competence, yet when the moment is right, she delightfully blossoms into laughter and playfulness, and then back to full engagement with presence. She is bright and intelligent and skilfully responds to the ebb and flow of a Circle with insight and care. She’s curious and frequently reveals gems in you that you didn’t even suspect you had, and she’s not shy to challenge you when truth is important and insight could expand consciousness -- for you, for others, and for herself. All of this takes place in the field of Ellyn’s love and genuine interest in others' well-being, and it seems that wherever you are in yourself, some attention from Ellyn will brighten your day.

Outside of Circling, Ellyn is a learning strategist at a global top university and a consultant and facilitator in leadership and development, and in diversity, inclusion, access, and equity. Her work incorporates social cognitive neuroscience, the physiology and social dynamics of trauma healing, applied Integral Theory, and indigenous wisdoms she is currently learning through the generosity of First Nations teachers and elders.

In addition to her consulting and strategy work, Ellyn is an applied somatic psychology counsellor and has worked with groups and individuals in sexuality, sensuality, and deep relationships. Past lives include technical communications and marketing for high-tech and large-scale industries (IT, energy and defense, biotech, pharma, agriculture). What’s alive for her now is an interest in emotional intelligence in artificial intelligence; consciousness and authenticity in business processes; and idea-emergence in personal knowledge management.

Ellyn’s division between work and play can often be blurred, given her deep love of and commitment to her professional roles. Work life is punctuated by training, and playing with, an incredibly sweet, smart puppy; cooking and savoring natural foods; kettlebells and shadow kickboxing; and delving into European regnal history. She lives in Canada now, but she’s drawn to England and Hawaii, but NYC (Brooklyn!) is her heart-home forever.

(Written by Matthew Stevens & Toby Philps)

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