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 Circling Orientation

a Free 4-week online Circling course

Get a sense of what Circling is at your own pace, anytime anywhere. This free course uses videos, articles, and practices to clarify what Circling is and how to get started.

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The Best Way to Begin Circling.

Get Clarity.

🎯 Core Concepts

Learn core circling concepts through conscious exercises that orient you toward curiosity, awareness, and trust.

Go Your Own Pace.

🦋 Anytime, Anywhere

This online workshop is accessible to you whenever you're ready for more, and gives you the time you need to integrate what you've learned.

Get Started.

👐 For Any Level

Whether you're brand new, a curious skeptic, or you've been Circling for years, this course will meet you right where you're at.

Bonus Discussion Video: "Why I Circle"


A Clear Way to Learn Circling.

The first week of this free 4-week online course goes into depth to answer the most frequently asked questions, like "What is Circling?" and "What are the rules?" After that, each week you will receive lessons, discussions, and demonstrations of a core Circling skill. As part of this course, you will also get the opportunity to access a fully-personalized experience of Circling.

This will give you the understanding and tools you need to Circle with a sense of direction and awareness.

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