About Brian

"There was this moment where I felt how incredibly powerful this practice was. I thought that If I could be in that moment, everything would change."

Soulfull, honest, openminded and adventurous Brian is "one of those people you remember".

Having been part of a rationalist movement for many years, Brian is passionate about understanding how the world functions and how to to become a better version of himself. He is a rationalist but is very open to irrational stuff. For exemple in a Circle he led, I saw him being amazed by someone who experienced feeling like a giant vagina.

"Imagine a platform like facebook where everybody would be dedicated to delivering the most accurate and valuable information."

He dreams of an organism full of people dedicated to bringing their best selves to each other, while honoring their being and free will.

Cool stuff about Brian:

- After his Circling facilitator training he quit his job and went hitchhiking with his boss for 3 months, and Circled people on the way
- He rented a cabin in the woods with 7 of his friends and Circled for 10 days
- He is developing a new passion for movement
- He speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew

In his library you may find inspiring and life changing books like:

- Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, by Eliezer Yudkowsky
- The Alchimist, by Paulo Coehlo
- Non Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg
- The power of Focusing, by Ann Weiser Cornell
- Impro, by Keith Johnston

Brian is very curious and inclusive, and although you may know where you are at as you start a Circling session with him, you might just be surprised ay the new possibilites that open up after it.

(Written by Lucie Baudon)

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