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How do you find authentic holiday spirit when stressed?

awareness of awareness better relating christ-nature holiday spirit jordan myska allen Dec 21, 2021


Holidays knocking you off center? πŸ₯΄

Here's a CircleAnywhere guide to authentic holiday spirit in the face of stress, upset, overwhelm, self-criticism, senses of injustice, wanting things to be different, and people who seem to be jerks. In other words…

How to move through the world with wisdom and grace:

1) Remember that your character-suit is imperfect;
Dropping impossible standards for you or others.

2) Know that the awareness that you really are is beyond perfect/imperfect
πŸŽ„ in the spirit of the season, we can substitute "Christ-nature" for "awareness."

3) Touch into the present-moment lived sense of that knowing
In other words, don't take our word for it. Check now and see if you are here... yep you are βœ… , now check how it is to be the sense of being-here—this self-experiencing medium of experience—are there any ways you can make experiencing-itself better or worse? Probably not.

4) Look at your off-centeredness from your perspective as awareness
The language is all way more complicated than the knowing...

5) Notice how you're totally OK, not conceptually but as feeling of loving embrace
I consider this the message of Christmas—where the birth of Jesus represents the dawning recognition of the Divine nature in each human being, that you're innocent and couldn't screw anything up because of that divine nature 'forgiving' your 'sins' aka missings of the mark.

6) Live your life. 
The normal stuff like chores and dinner and conversation.

7) Repeat when wanted. Whenever you notice wanting more grace and wisdom, or being off center, turn your attention to step 1 and begin this positive cycle again.

The simple version: Notice you’re ok. Live your life.

Easier said than done??

You tell us.

If you want some help, we’ve got some pretty awesome structures to guide you to more readily express the wisdom and grace that already moves as you. Here's what's on the πŸ“… , with more to come.

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May the spirit of celebrating life with people we love be evermore readily available in your life.


With love, Jordan and the CircleAnywhere crew


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