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Concepts: Eros 🏹

3things concepts eros evolution jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness Apr 14, 2022


This trait I'm calling 'Eros' is the Universe’s habit of evolving—of making things fresh. It is the force that drove atoms to bond together into molecules, and molecules to create cells. It’s the force that describes how consciousness-itself seems to have more capacity to be self-aware now than it did 5000 years ago, and existence then had more capacity to be self-aware than it did 5 million years before that. It’s the force that describes how human societies over the grand scale of history have gotten more and more complex, creative, and diverse. It’s the 'transcend' part of 'transcend and include'. 

Seeing this "Eros" as the underlying force that drives erotic energy in relationships, opens me to interpret the information encoded in erotic impulses more clearly. It's not necessarily driving toward sexual or even sensual expression. It's the universe wanting to be creative, and there are a heck of a lot of ways to be creative. In fact, thanks to "eros", creative expression itself seems to be evolving and diversifying! Seeing this way, I wake up to this fundamental force of the universe expressing even in a 'superficial' advertisement that uses sex-appeal, and feel more wholeness and interconnectivity.


With love, Jordan


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