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🎨 Creativity Contest Winners!

community creativity party well Jan 25, 2021
Eli Tova - Creativity Contest Winner


What Beauty!

Welcoming even more range of the beauty of human experience. πŸ’₯

Jordan here, thanking y'all for putting yourselves and your art out to be seen this way. This has been a joy to receive, and get to know you and ourselves in this way!

I want mention that there were some very divergent opinions amongst the nine 'judges,' and the result is a weighted average, similar to a preferential voting system. Our rankings will surely be different from yours (they are from mine), and beyond the prizes, these works of art speak for themselves.  

All of the entries capture some essence of what it's like to be a CircleAnywhere Circler and showcase the utter uniqueness of who we are as individuals and a collective. All remind me that I'm proud to be a part of this community.

Here they are:


πŸ† 1st Place — A Year of CircleAnywhere




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A post shared by Eli Tova (@elitovasol)

 This is us.


πŸ₯ˆ 2nd Place — 8 Months of CA 



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A post shared by Adam Sippola (@adamsippola)

Beautiful improv singing, Circling himself, looping and inquiring, inviting you in. What's it like to be you right now?


πŸ₯‰ 3rd Place —  6 Months of CA

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A post shared by Will Jefferson (@henris240)

Hypnotic—we recommend watching in fullscreen and let yourself be taken into a trance, almost like a guided meditation.


πŸ… 4th place — 4 Months of CA 

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A post shared by Joyce Strand (@joycevstrand)

There are three pages, click through to read the whole poem, which speaks to the variety of experiences and community we embody. 


πŸ… 5th — One Month of CA




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A post shared by Peter Shub (@petershubclown)

 Static electricity... Grounding can be fun, and the truth we explore in Circling can be as full of humor and lightness as it can be serious and heavy.


6th — One Month of CA

 Beautiful. This looks surprisingly like my inner world when I Circle, seriously.


7th — One Month of CA


Circling is full of lines, and also very trippy. Speaks to simplicity and complexity being one coarising form, available for the subjectivity of the viewer to choose which (or both, or neither) to enact on the viewing.

(Plus a poem that's not visible due to privacy settings)


8th — One Month of CA

This is a historic piece—our first ever Circling meme!

This is how I sleep at night too, knowing we've got such a delightful group of humans here being with each other in the fullness of experience, growing towards evermore truth and love.


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