A wild bet—No Cost Circling for Anyone, Anywhere 🦉

free circling relatefulness May 24, 2022

We have a wild idea that we're betting big on. We think you're going to love being a part of it:

Free Circling. For anyone. Anywhere.


No joke: Starting June 17th.

Here's the vision: Relatefulness is an antidote to increasing extremism around the globe, an elixir of awareness ⚗️ for an unconscious world, and with our new payment system; you can help us offer
anyone in the world a free membership that gives them four sessions a month (Fundamentals or Focus).

I can't speak for any other time in history, but I know this one is calling for outrageous acts of love, generosity, forgiveness, and understanding. Individually, to be sure, but also as collectives. You're a part of this community, already answering the call, and we have the chance to level it up 😉.


Thank You—You Can Lock in the $59 Unlimited

To make this work we're going to change the way we do memberships. 

BUT! As a special thank you for supporting this movement, we’re offering everyone on this list a last chance to sign up for an OG unlimited membership at the current insanely undervalued price of $59/mo until 11:59p CDT June 16th. This will lock in your rate for at least the next year. If you're already a current unlimited member, you need do nothing; your rate is automatically locked in.


New Memberships are Session Based

In addition to the new Scholarship membership (4 hours a month, Focus and Fundamentals Only, Free) we’re introducing three new membership tiers that include all sessions types:

  • The "Yes! I am!" Citizen: 4 sessions per month $39/mo ($9.75 each)
  • The "Whoa… We-Space" Connoisseur: 20 sessions per month $149/mo ($7.45 each)
  • The "Love-Truth-Presence" Benefactor Unlimited: Unlimited sessions (196+ available monthly) $499/mo for new members, called "Benefactor" because you'll be the ones who make free memberships available for anyone. Plus you'll be helping us highly value the time, skill, and contribution of facilitators—setting the standard for the value of presence forevermore

With these three new memberships, sessions can be used online or in-person at the Studio (and any future studios)!


Let’s "scale up" compassion

You’re a part of something beautiful that has a chance to make a positive impact in many more people’s lives. This feels like a big risk for me, the team, our whole community—what if we fail? What if we accidentally foster a kind of evangelism that loses sight of appreciating things as they are?

Taking a leap of faith to stand in what’s true, and trusting wherever that leads us, what Circling, and relatefulness, is about. Join us in expanding the awareness of the perfection of being—a perfection that wholly includes imperfection. That includes you facing your highest potentials alongside your darkest mistakes.

Lots of love


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Join us in realizing an evermore loving, honest world.

Find a membership that works for you (including a free membership option!), and bring more relatefulness into your life today.

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