Concepts: What is Surrender? 🏳️

3things concepts jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jun 23, 2022


Surrender is letting go. Ceasing resistance. Yielding power. 

What are we surrendering to? Love. Intuition. Higher purpose. God’s Will. Happening/truth. The machine-learning algorithm of our sense-making+relating+environment that automatically synthesizes training data from far more than our logical minds and autonomous-selves can track. Feedback.

We talk about “surrender” in spiritual circles a lot because we've got a lot to let go of. The less we hold on to, the more we can be truly present as the wonder of being. Most of our resistance and claims to power, turn out to be built around false ideas or outdated interpretations. They're empty upon close inspection. Although self-reinforcing cycles have built huge edifices of identity (ego) on these mistaken-but-convincing illusions, we’re not surrendering anything we really want if we could see clearly.


With love, Jordan


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