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We can use everything to avoid difficult feels 🀭

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Sep 15, 2022


We can use absolutely anything to avoid more difficult-to-feel experiences.

I remember a woman using the honest sensation of her feet on grass to avoid feeling an emotional distance in her life. I remember thinking someone was "deeply surrendered" only to later realize they were (unconsciously) asserting dominance to overcome fear of being bullied. We've all witnessed and done all these kinds of things... A "mystical" silence to stay hidden. Empathy to appease. Socratic ignorance to avoid taking a stand. True realization to bypass. Circling all the time to avoid facing troubles outside of Circles!

Hopefully knowing this can bring fierce soul-searching for our own self-deception, with a heck of a lot of compassion.


With love, Jordan


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