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3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jul 14, 2022


...The parallels to humankind are obvious (The Great Oxygenation Event 🦠), but we're different from Cyanobacteria. We have experience-awareness that allows us to be compassionate. We see ourselves as part of the unfolding whole of evolution, as part of Earth's self-regulating system, as a collective with species-wide impact. We have choices over what we determine is good and bad, and as a result we can nudge the future towards more good.


Related contemplations:

• We can only bring more love in when we’re willing to feel tragedy. Can I open my heart to the grief of honoring the losses of entire species?

• Life today inherits many gifts from organisms that lived and died billions of years ago—like the safety and abundance of oxygen. We can feel this vast interconnection over time right now.

• The sun’s temperature has increased by over 25% over the last 4 billion years, and the Earth has managed to maintain a precise temperature that supports life. How much are my singular attempts to predict, control, or know the future, projections of my own inadequacy and fear?

• How do I surrender into the larger unfolding while protecting life now, since I am both part of something so much greater than me and a living expression of its compassion? (Frank Herbert's Dune series seems to explore this question in detail).


With love, Jordan


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