Contemplation: Upside Down Trees 🌳

3things contemplation jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness May 05, 2022


A thought experiment: Seeing from a tree’s point of view. What if our way of seeing trees is upside-down?

Look at a tree, or any plant, and imagine that it's life is lived in dirt instead of air. You can imagine the tree’s got a smiley face on the underground parts, chatting it up with other trees on the mycelium network, it's arms are what we call ‘roots’, its above-ground branches are ‘feet’ sticking out to the atmosphere to snack on carbon dioxide and get rid of oxygen.

Whenever I do this, I shift into an altered state. As I walk, or sit here typing, I see myself from my imaginary tree’s POV and I see that I, Jordan, am sitting upside down! I’m hanging from the ceiling of the Earth’s crust, dangling into space. I'm the one 'underneath' the ground. Our whole world gets put into a wider context and I imagine these parallel tree worlds coexisting beneath me all along. Give it a shot, and let me know if things get trippy :)


With love, Jordan


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