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The Domino’s Pizza Apology 🍕

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Oct 06, 2022


In 2009 Domino’s was widely regarded as the world's worst pizza chain. As a touring musician at the time, I remember only ordering it drunk.

Then Domino’s did something remarkable: The executives personally apologized for the crappiness of their pizza in an ongoing global marketing campaign. They actually listened to feedback, showing it by changing the recipe. Now it’s surprisingly good (especially if you order the handmade pan crust) and even has gluten free vegan pizza (an oxymoron, but people say it's good). Beyond the power of vulnerability, the company learned to embrace failure as learning. They taught themselves to be antifragile. As a result they’ve come to embrace constant innovation, helping them thrive in the pandemic. Business results: from $3 to $300+ on stock price and doubling their market share.

This is an old story, but I love it because it demonstrates the power of honesty, admitting mistakes, and making changes. I’m surprised by how few people who talk about bringing authenticity and humility in the workplace reference it. And I love it when these kinds of successes come in places personal growth people forget to look (eg: corporate pizza delivery). Personal thanks to Valerie for re-recommending Domino's many many years ago! (Pizza Turnaround from 2009 on Youtube, Bloomberg Article from 2017)


With love, Jordan


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