What if our self-identity is a frame we can learn to choose? 🖼️

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jun 16, 2022


What if our self-identity acts as an all-encompassing reference frame? If our whole sense of “I” as an autonomous unit is a pre-declaration —'everything is different from me'— confirms a projection in seeing what it pre-decided to be true. How do we question this, and what happens experientially when we do?

First I look for counter-evidence. Sure enough, right now in my experience there's a lot happening that belies assumptions of separation. For example, music and dishes happening; sound is both outside and inside this particular body. You, the reader in my future, impact this choice of words, and here I am co-enacting you from your past.

Now that I can see 'separation' as (at least somewhat) of an arbitrary mental organizing system, and I can see alternatives, I can more genuinely question where this assumption comes from. Then I can reclaim the projection.


With love, Jordan


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