Shadows in seeing yourself as an integrated purpose-driven self ➰

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Put another way, let's say you trade the "parts-identity" for a well integrated self, oriented to the noble purpose of healing a broken world. Or helping a threatened world. Or developing yourself to be on the vanguard of evolution. 

Broken worlds demand fixing; fixing gives you purpose; now your self-concept needs the world to stay broken to keep on having purpose. Uh-oh. Threatened worlds demand saving; saving gives you purpose; now your self-concept needs the world to stay threatened to keep on having a purpose. Being a vanguard of evolution needs less-evolved beings. Integrating your shadow needs you to keep having a shadow. Transcending your ego needs you to have an ego to transcend. Uh-oh.

Defenses do what they’re designed to defend against. What alternatives are there? In defenselessness, safety lies. Let's get curious and redefine your self concept in any given moment, getting comfortable in already-transforming, always becoming, freshness. And then let us know what you find as you find it!


With love, Jordan


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