Pro-Pro and Anti-Anti 🧭

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jun 02, 2022


It’s easy to be against something. (This is not the same as saying “no” for yourself). I think it takes more effort to be for something, so we tend to see a lot more 'anti': Critique. Takedown. Callout. Cancel. It may be a step on a dialectical journey from conformity to creativity, but like all counterdependency, it tends to end up bolstering exactly what we don’t want.

Let’s shift to being 'pro'. Let’s look for what we do want instead. For. This Way. Toward. Compass headings. Support. It’s generally more likely to get us what we want. It invites people to work together for a common good even in disagreement, instead of making camps of us versus them. It demands more maturity, complexity, and vulnerability.

You can play with this next time you notice something you don’t like in a Circle. Try to be against it—do you get what you want or does it perpetuate the thing you don’t like? What happens when you lead the group toward the good thing you want instead?


With love, Jordan


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