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Other Causal Objects 〰️

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Aug 04, 2022


We can pay attention to stuff (objects); we can pay attention to the container that holds ‘stuff’ (subjectivity/awareness of awareness). I also like to pay attention to the phenomenological structures that ‘stuff’ is made of, like we did with "movement" above. Here are some other 'objects' that make up stuff: Distance, space, color, shape, time, process, contact. They’re so universal that they’re easy to miss, but paying attention to them is wild and fun. And in some way all these structures are the same—movement is distance and space and time and shape change. And change! There’s another causal object. Change is universal in/as the world of form. And change is universal as changeless emptiness-awareness itself manifest as everything…

(Even though from one perspective all stuff is already self-known as the ever-present subjective experiencing).


With love, Jordan


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