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3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Nov 03, 2022


A few days ago my wife and I were deboarding a plane, juggling bags and our sleepy 1 year old. 

Friend: “Y’all need any help?”
Me, playfully: “None that you can give.”
Friend: “Ha, well I can always give you affirmation. You’re doing a great job.”

What a good point! From now on, anytime anyone genuinely offers help and I don’t need/want it, I’ll remember I can ask for affirmation. I’ll offer affirmation to others in the reverse position (gratitude, praise, or whatever feels most authentic) too. I’m grateful to this friend—feels like my life will be just a little bit better, in ways that will add up over a long time.


With love, Jordan


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