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Micro-meditation: Movement 💨

3things jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Aug 04, 2022


Focus meditations tend to bring awareness to an object: A candle flame, a mantra, the breath, the relationship we have with a person. Can you use “movement” as an object of your fascination?

If you’re in a city, look at a road. Instead of cars, traffic, or even awareness-es following the laws of driving, see if you can look, now, at movement. Alternatively: Instead of looking at leaves or wind or the interaction, look at the quality that is movement. What is this quality? How do we register it? What’s movement like? What’s the relationship between movement and the awareness of it? What’s the relationship between movement and spacetime? As but one example of what you might find: I notice how movement and stillness create each other, so in paying attention to movement I’m also paying attention to stillness. 

When you’re looking, seeing if you can wonder at movement, mouth agape, full of curiosity, leaning into what you can’t know rather than seeking answers and knowing. I don’t have answers, I just like paying attention to the quality that is movement registering in experience-awareness.


With love, Jordan


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