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Sociosomnia— Love Hard (Netflix)

3things jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness sociosomnia stayinlove Dec 23, 2021


Love Hard is a Holiday Rom-Com (kind of a terrible movie but) with surprisingly deep commentaries on authenticity, self-deception, and projection. It even transcludes Love Actually in a meta-way—criticizing it’s superficiality, but later honors its impact and sweetness by re-interpreting one of the most emotional scenes. If you watch it, consider:

How are you “emotionally catfishing?” (a clever concept the movie introduces).

What things are you blaming someone for—that you turn around and do to them, or others?

How do you abandon your better judgment when you’re desperate (and what comes from that)?


With love, Jordan


* Sociosomnia: seeing popular media as collective dreams that we can interpret archetypally/reflectively, to learn something meaningful about ourselves—no matter the quality of the product itself.


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