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Love Includes (Me) 🀍

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Aug 25, 2022


I think of unconditional love as an all-embracing YES to everything. Since the nature of existing is a ‘yes’ to what’s here, I feel into this universal existing-quality as love. Everyone and everything is already fully loved, exactly as it is and changes, forever. 

Sometimes I forget that this universal YES applies just as much to me, my needs, desires, boundaries, as anyone else’s! Tapping into this felt-sense of love is like stepping outside of my self-identity, in a way that includes me, you, all. Love includes everything, so love includes me.

Here’s a diagram:

What happens when you combine these two—become the room, and notice existence-as-love...?


With love, Jordan


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