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Interobjects 🧱

3things interobjects jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove subject-object Aug 18, 2022


Gossip looks to me like an “interobject” of our intersubjectivity. Norms. Process assumptions. Principles. Rules. Context-setting. Egregores. Belonging. All these seem like categories of interobjects—things that might “have” a group unconsciously (rather than a group “having” them).

Do we make our intersubjective experiences into interobjects, the same way we make subjective experiences into objects? Do we develop our collectives this way? Can we take charge of this? What even is a collective? How does it "know" something? I don't really know. But relational mindfulness helps us lean into the unmapped intersubjectivities, creatively start naming, and hold these names lightly through the mirror of our relating.


With love, Jordan


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