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Holiday Spirit: A One Act Play πŸŽ„

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Dec 22, 2022


Setting: Living room, evening


  • Valerie Daniel, a holiday cheer enthusiast
  • Michael Blas, a hopeful optimist
  • Jordan Myska Allen, a playful skeptic


(The three facilitators are sitting on a couch, petting a cat)

Blas: (cheerfully) I really like this holiday spirit! I feel like everything’s going really well.

Jordan: (playfully) Isn’t it funny how we can muster this kind of goodwill, gratitude, and generosity for just one month out of the year? Why don't we do it for all twelve months instead of just one?

Valerie (thoughtfully shifting the focus from the world-at-large to the relateful community): We do.

(The three facilitators break the fourth wall and look directly at you as the curtain closes)


With love, Jordan


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