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(Texas Monthly Article / Matthew McConaughey talking about it)

I’m so enthusiastic about the Great Springs Project—a non-profit creating a continuous 100+ mile (160+ kilometers) trail running from Austin to San Antonio (in Texas), one of the fastest growing areas of development in the USA. This speaks to my deep love of nature and humans. They’re doing massive ecological preservation in a creative way that honors humans and nature too: Land owners, housing developers, indigenous people, outdoor enthusiasts, and over $55.9 million annual economic benefit—a heck of a win-win-win!. 

I’m supremely impressed by the organization: They utilize the expertise of Texas oil and gas prospectors alongside the wisdom of conservationists, to do an incredibly complex task (embodying at least a Teal mindset). They’re unifying people across political divides. They’re acting from love, so there are no villains in their narrative. If you speak with their founders, love is palpable. It's the means and the end.

I’m a monthly donor, and encourage y’all to donate as well. If you do, consider selecting "in honor of someone" and type in "CircleAnywhere". Let’s make our giving-presence known, becoming much more as a collective than we can alone.


With love, Jordan


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