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Ethical Innovation πŸ›Έ

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Dec 15, 2022


A bunch of sci-fi is built on the premise that humans (or other species) have evolved technologically without having evolved morally. People can colonize other planets but they still act like warring tribes. By moral development I mean increasing spheres of care and inclusion, from self, to group, to everyone and beyond (in the spirit of psychologist/feminist Carol Gilligan).

I love sci-fi, but I don’t think it’s possible to maintain mature tech without mature hearts. That doesn’t mean growth is a given. I think a species self-destructs when technological development outpaces ethical development for too long. We got close to this with nuclear weapons.

If this is true, it means we humans probably need to emphasize ethical development more these days. I think we, CircleAnywhere, are doing this with Relatefulness. We're all engaging practical “Ethical Innovation” experiments many times a day. What changes when we bring awareness to this—seeing every session as a micro-society that’s re-forming what’s good, who’s included in that goodness, and how we live our emergent values?


With love, Jordan


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