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“Wait at least two weeks before major life changes…” 🍇

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Apr 21, 2022


Some of the Rationalists I hang out with have a cultural norm that goes something like: “After a life-changing workshop, wait at least two weeks before you declare any name changes or new religious affiliations”. I’d apply it to any major life changes like quitting a job, moving across the country, getting married or ending a long-term relationship. Waiting is cheap. Undoing the changes is expensive.

Integrating the potency of sudden spiritual revelations isn’t always obvious. Sometimes their power is in deconstructing the very fabric of how we saw the world. So we’re prone to make mistakes that we’d easily notice after giving things a little time to settle—mistakes like confusing our ego with the divine. Let gentleness and prudence age your spirit like good wine, which ripens without our effort on its own time. You're much more likely to enjoy the benefits of your insight at a leisurely pace.


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With love, Jordan


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