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ACiM on Illness: Mistaken Identification with Separate Self πŸ’€

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Oct 27, 2022


A Course in Miracles (ACiM) is the second of two complementary approaches that inform my being with my own sickness (what it calls "not-right-mindedness" hehe). This wild text says absolutely everything in our universe is dreamstuff. Since mindset and material are equally illusory, they’re equally fine ways to interpret the (dream) world. It says that the ‘cause’ of illness always boils down to some misinterpretation of the truth of our oneness with God. So the ‘cure’ is to remember that we’re one, and couldn’t ever be otherwise. True universal forgiveness. 

This helps me see where I use sickness to feel special (specially sick), use specialness to justify my needs/desires, and then feel unfairly treated if my needs aren’t met. This classic pattern kicks off a cycle of projection attack and defense. A more honest and helpful way of relating is through self-compassion. Then I remember I don’t need justification to ask for things, and no justifications ever guarantee me getting anything I want.

In the meantime, we’re often stuck feeling sick, and unsure what to do about it. ACiM asks, "does our response increase fear or love?" Whatever the answer is for you in any given moment, choose love.


With love, Jordan


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