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Level Up

Level Up Your Connections, Your Personal Growth, and Your Ability to Thrive in All Situations

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  •  Wake Up to a new awareness and fundamental OKness even in the chaos of difficult relationships
  •  Show Up more powerfully and gracefully in relationships
  •  Clean Up your blind spots, shadows, and ancient wounds
  •  Grow Up to higher capacities of leadership maturity
  •  Certify as a Circling Facilitator

Circling Coaching

Practical wisdom drawn from thousands of hours of coaching sessions, with Circling as the "Operating System."

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  • Synthesize the meditative, 'non-goal orientation' of circling with the 'more, better, increase your thriving' mentality of 1-1 coaching
  • Make a positive contribution in the world, from a wakeful place of "oneness" which recognizes there's no difference to be made at the absolute/ultimate level of reality
  • Build your business or apply it to the areas of your life where you already act as a mentor, supervisor, or boss

Integral Theory

Learn about Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Showing Up—and how these relate to the mystical heart of Circling.

  • Inhabit a much fuller range of our being
  • Make distinctions and understand complexities and patterns that were hidden before
  • Helps us see and reclaim aspects of our self that we’ve left out of connection
  • Being aware of the co-arising of seer, seeing, seen.
  • Coming into more embodied realization of the nature of reality