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Go from always searching for something more to peaceful thriving, no matter how chaotic your world is, with live facilitated practice sessions.

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Cultivate meaningful connection with anyone, anywhere.

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Doing something different can be uncomfortable, challenging, and scary. You may be afraid you'll be forced to be vulnerable (you won't—that's not a recipe for authentic communication), or that you'll be bad at Circling (you might be—and that'll be part of the fun of learning).

CircleAnywhere has facilitated thousands of people in over 10,000 hours of practice by providing hours of sessions every single day for over 5 years. Our clients range from Fortune 100 Top 10 companies and board members to transformational festival goers and self-help burnouts (and of course they often overlap).

Circling integrates thousands of years of wisdoms and innovations to help everyone develop effortless mindfulness in relationship.

Session Types

For beginners:

        Fundamentals - Come to explore and develop your Circling capacities in a session devoted to the distinctions and principles that underpin the practice.
        Focus Sessions - Come and explore being with another in their world. Practice the art of relational presence in cultivating deep trust, curiosity and surrender.
        Speed Focus Sessions - Bite-sized explorations of presence-in-connection. We'll have several rounds of dyad Circling + perhaps have some group time.

Intermediate + Advanced:

        Flow Sessions - In powerfully owning our experience, being deeply open to others & holding both the known & unknown elements of this whole group contact, we explore uncharted territory that can lead us home and beyond.

        Movement - Embodiment guided by feeling. It is helpful to have a mat or blanket on the floor with a cushion. Alternatively you can practice on a chair. 

Deep connections, anywhere.

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